Secure Your Information In Your
Online Application

Using online software we often store sensitive customer data in databases, unencrypted. Certainly, this is problematic, because the information is stored in plain text. Often the only protection is the database password, and more often than not this database password is also stored in some file unprotected on the server.

As a result the customer information we handle with the online application is at risk to fall into wrong hands. It's time to do more to protect sensitive information online.

You Can Do More

Fortunately it is not at all difficult to do more to protect our online information. Not all information is sensitive but data that must be secured can be protected with the push of a button and can be sent into the database encrypted.

It's the main purpose of the web encryption extension to place encryption in any online application that needs to protect certain information. As it works as an extension, there is no need to modify your working web application. Instead of sending the data into the database unencrypted the extension introduces a button for encryption that selectively picks up the user input before it is send to the database.

Using standard encryption software already installed on the server (GnuPG) the extension makes sure that your crucial information is properly encrypted, returning the encrypted data back into the online application at the spot where the unencrypted data was before. If your web application formerly used your crucial information as text it will now treat it as encrypted text, nothing important has changed.

Well, that's not true, something very important has changed. Your sensitive information is no longer at risk, because it is now encrypted with a public key. Anyone who reads your database will need a secret that is not stored on the server to use this information again. When the information is recovered for use, this secret key needs to by used too, and the encryption prevents that your information can fall into the wrong hands, accidentally.

Ensuring Access To The Information For Authorized People

The web encryption extension can make your information much more secure online. On the other hand your sensitive information is now encrypted and if you decide to use it you'll need a means to decrypt it whenever you have to use this information. This is the job of your web application, too. If you wish to make decryption as easy as protecting your information, I'll find a way to place the decrypt button in your web application at the spot you need it. Of course you must make ensure that the keys you use are in a safe place on the server and that your online server is also protected properly. I can take care of that for you, if you need help with securing your server.

What Can I Do To Help You Protect Your Information?

Every web application is different. Because I've created the Web Encryption Extension it's not difficult for me to find out how it can be integrated into your own working environment. There are already a number of web applications for which I have prepared downloads that should work out of the box, but it may be a good idea to let the inventor of the web encryption extension help you to get your specific web application encryption-ready. As the keys you will use need protection too, I can advise you to use a proper online server environment for your encryption process. And what's more important, I can make it happen for you, if you don't have it at the moment.

Let's talk about how we can get encryption built into the web application that is important to you.