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WEE-Mail Is Designed For Professionals

Not everyone has a need for secure communications online.

But most professionals handle documents like medical information, intellectual property, trade secrets, financial information or personal customer information that are too sensitive to be sent in plain text with an email.

In the absence of a good solution sometimes this confidential information ends up where it doesn't belong because there is no easy-to-use way to encrypt it.

In practice it usually doesn't help to have special, sophisticated equipment for this purpose, because the world has gone mobile and in an ever changing work environment there is a clear advantage of a secure online solution like WEE-Mail to do the job.

But my customer don't have the ability to decrypt Emails

But that's why you can use sub-accounts for your own customers to enable them to use encryption online just the way you do. With your own WEE-Mail control panel you will get a number of additional sub-accounts that you can transfer to your own customers as the need arises. These sub-accounts are fully-functional web-based control panels ready to be used by your customers for confidential communication with you.

While your own WEE-Mail control panel lets you send encrypted messages and files to any email address out there, your customers' sub-accounts can only send to your own address or other customers' addresses, because they are meant to provide internal confidential communication. Using these very flexible customer sub-accounts you can provide online encryption to new customers as required or you can place unused sub-accounts at other customers' disposal, after deleting unnecessary WEE-Mails and seting up a new password for the sub-account.

In any case you are prepared to assist your customers and none of them has to send you sensible files in plain text. Just offer one of your sub-accounts for confidential communication to your customer, either long-term or for a limited period of time.

Taking A Closer Look At WEE-Mail

To cut a long story short, WEE-Mail is an online service that uses the Web Encryption Extension (WEE) to encrypt and decrypt messages and attached documents. It is the comprehensive online tool to organize secure communication with your clients or customers.

While this extension is making its way into other online applications, I have developed a secure webmail product being built with a focus on security from the start, WEE-Mail. In building a secure webmail service I know that everything that can be done to secure this service is in place.

In order to build a secure online communication service, there are many aspects that have to be done the right way: securing you login to the control panel, storing your own information on the server encrypted at all times, protecting your keys and last but not least, making sure that your WEE-Mails will never disappear as a result of an automatic, encrypted backup.

So it's not only the ability to encrypt messages and attachments that make a secure webmail solution.

To give you a brief picture, this is how an incoming WEE-Mail with attachments will look like when it arrives inside your WEE-Mail control panel:


As you can see, Dr. Murphy has sent you an email with an encrypted attachment that contains a patient's xray image. Obviously Dr. Murphy has used your public encryption key and you need to decrypt the attachment to be able to see the xray image. When you click on the "Edit" button, the attachment file is selected and presented in a textbox for decryption.


Because you are the only person who knows the passphrase that protects your private key, you have to enter this passphrase in the next screen to decrypt the attachment.


After the decryption has finished, you can see the decrypted image and you can download it in full size to your local laptop or tablet using a secure https connection.

(Image courtesy of BluePink / FreeDigitalPhotos.net)


With a few easy steps you can access the encrypted attachment and see the image Dr. Murphy had sent you. Of course, you can now encrypt this image again and sent it off to a colleague asking for a second opinion with another few easy steps.

Note, that the original image is still stored securely on my server in encrypted form. The visible image will be deleted once you've re-encrypted it and sent it off with another WEE-Mail message. If you open a different WEE-Mail message from your inbox, the decrypted, visible image will be gone, too.

The decrypted image will live on the server only for the time you'll need to download it (safely via HTTPS) from the server until you decide to move on or until you encrypt it for somebody else. So the lifetime of any unencrypted file on the server is very limited. And, of course there are measures to protect these files during their lifetime.

The Benefits For Your Business

Secure Communications Wherever You Are
To be able to use secure encrypted communications you don't need to install anything on your local computer. Everything you'll need is part of your personal WEE-Mail control panel. With a browser and an internet connection you can go ahead and communicate securely with your clients or customers, when you need it and wherever you are in the world.

Use Established Encryption Standards Everyone Can Use
Your WEE-Mail control panel sends your encrypted attachments in a well established standard format that every (decent) email program can work with. WEE-Mails you produce just look like any encrypted email based on GnuPG. Anyone in the world will be able to communicate with you securely, once he has got your public encryption key. It will be easy for you to keep track of your client's keys all in one place by using the key management tool inside your WEE-Mail control panel.

Flexible Subscription
As WEE-Mail is designed to be part of the professional service you offer, it comes with a straight-forward monthly subscription fee and no long-term contract. There's no lock-in, because everything you create or receive is accessible for download (via HTTPS) by you, any time.

Build Trust With A Secure Service
I'll mention the most important benefit at the end. Your WEE-Mails are as secure as possible, because WEE-Mail is not only an extension to an existing program, but has been built around security from the start. Everything we can do to improve your online security will be done, because your customers rely on your ability to safeguard the precious information they hand to you.

If you've considered online security for a while you will know that hundred percent security, the promise that nothing will go wrong, is certainly impossible. With this in mind, it really does matter, that you can use a service, that addresses all aspects of online security and offers a reliable solution on which you can build your business.

Apply For A WEE-Mail Control Panel

So if you are running a business that needs a secure online communication service I'd like to hear from you.

Please show me how WEE-Mail can make a difference for your own business and your own WEE-Mail control panel can be up and running very soon.